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Blockchain-enabled IoT solutions company focused on supply chains optimization 

About Us


A recent Frontier report highlights that the global socio-economic cost of counterfeiting can exceed USD 3 Trillion a year by 2022, 5 times current GDP of Switzerland.

This results in high employment and fiscal losses, in addition to health issues caused by lower quality products.

Starchain AG is building one of the first comprehensive and pragmatic solutions to eliminate at the source counterfeiting issues.

How You’re Protected

Anti-counterfeiting solutions powered by blockchain protection, smart contracts  and smart IoT sensors.

Diverted market protection and product journey transparency from producers up to final consumers.

End user mobile application to track and verify ID and integrity, allowing piece of mind for high end purchases

Allows for supply and demand optimization and automated payments.

Why Us?

Starchain AG is building a trusted supply chain's ecosystem for high end products, combining blockchain protocols and smart contracts expertise with partnership with successful smart IoT sensor Companies.

Pilot projects undergoing with high end wine producers: stay tuned for coming updates!
Located in Zug, in the heart of Crypto Valley, Starchain AG benefits from the network of blockchain business developers and technical experts. 


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Starchain AG

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