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ACATENA is the first universal platform for brand manufacturers

ACATENA allows brands to comprehensively access their goods’ journey after production to provide safety, convenience, and premium brand-experience to licensed partners and consumers.

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Digital Passport

Tag your produced premium product with a unique identifier to generate an individual, reliable record of your product's future journey.

Tracking & Tracing

Follow each product individually and enable the customer and other licensed actors of the supply chain to read the product's history at any point of time.

Counterfeiting Protection

Make consumers be certain that the product is genuinely produced by you, the brand owner, and sold by licensed partners, through a secure certification on the blockchain.

Customer Engagement

Let your customers crosscheck a product's genuinity before purchase through a transparent view on its history and reward them for their interactions with your brand.

Smart Invoicing

Emit e-receipts automatically along with the flow of the goods for a simple, paperless document management and significantly reduced payment errors.

Automatic Payment

Enable the automatic settlement of invoices, whether in cryptocurrencies or fiat. Thanks to a seamless integration with banks for the latter.


Product Tag

Cost-effective, taylored tag to equip your premium products with a unique "ID".

Consumer App

Free mobile app for consumers to check the history and genuinity of the product and to earn tokens.

Partner App

Simple B2B app for licensed supply chain partners.

Brand Owner: Your Dashboard

Actionable dashboard plus an app for the brand manufacturer to take action upon processed data.


Counterfeiting Protection

Already done

MVP developed and ongoing pilot launched with a Spanish Premium Wine Producer

Track & Trace Module

August 2018

Launch of Logistic Modules

Q1 2019
Track & Trace Module and Counterfeiting Protection Module available to cover core logistic flows.

Smart Invoicing Module

Q3 2019

Automatic Payment Module

Q4 2019

Launch of fully integrated solution

Q1 2020

Key logistics and financial flows are for the first time closely integrated via 4 Modules - Track & Trace, Counterfeiting Protection, Smart Invoicing and Automatic Payment.

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